Waterline: New water treatment plant unveiled on Vancouver Island

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New water treatment plant unveiled on Vancouver Island nanaimo

Citizens and city officials gathered on April 7 to celebrate the City of Nanaimo's grand opening of a new water treatment plant on Vancouver Island.

"We're excited to have Nanaimo come out to see their new fantastic piece of infrastructure and learn about how we treat your drinking water. Our new water treatment plant provides Nanaimo residents and businesses safe, clean, purified drinking water that tastes amazing, " said Bill Sims, manager, water resources for the city of Nanaimo.

The project cost the municipality $72.5 million, with a major share of funding coming from the Building Canada Fund.

Source: Water Canada | April 7, 2016

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SFU engineers develop way to collect drinking water from air SFU

Technology developed by Simon Fraser University researchers that pulls water out of the air is being touted as a possible solution to the planet's water woes.

The Hybrid Atmospheric Water Generator, created by SFU engineering professor Majid Bahrami - the Canada Research Chair in energy conservation systems - and PhD student Farshid Bagheri, has the ability to glean water even from cool, dry climates where conventional atmospheric water generators fall short.

"What we did that makes our invention unique is we have a pre-processing unit that allows us to ... store humidity using a technology called adsorption," said Bahrami. "Our machine sees a constant stream of air with humidity and temperature in the optimal (levels) so it will produce a lot more water compared to existing technology."

Source: 24 hours Vancouver | April 25, 2016

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Earth Day walk raises awareness for access to clean water earth

About 50 people took to the streets of Kelowna for the Aveda Canada Earth Day walk, promoting worldwide access to clean drinking water.

The six-kilometre walk downtown represented the average distance women and children walk every day in rural, developing cities around the world to collect water. "We raise funds for Water Aid, which is a non-profit organization that builds latrines and wells in some of the poorest areas in Africa," said Tracey Maradyn, Aveda partner for the Interior. "Our funds in Canada have been going mainly to communities in Madagascar."

Over the past 10 years, Aveda Canada has raised $3.5 million through April's Earth Month initiatives. This April, Aveda Canada raised over $500,000. "Water is the essence of life, and if you don't have it, you really don't have hope," said Maradyn. "We're so blessed and fortunate in Canada, and even though Madagascar seems like a world away, the world is one. We can make a difference and give people a better life."

Source: Kelowna Daily Courier | April 22, 2016

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Educating 'water hogs' in Vancouver Van

In a pilot project started last year, staff began using metered account information to locate residences that use more water than average. Donny Wong, the manager of the city's water design branch, said the pilot is more about education than punishment.

"In most cases, people are actually thankful for bringing it to their attention because they didn't realize themselves how much water they were using," Wong said Tuesday.

In some cases, that water use is a lot. 

Under the pilot project, staff are sending letters to the high water use residences. Included in those letters are a history of water use on the property and an offer to help find ways to reduce consumption levels. In some cases, the extra usage can be inadvertent and attributed to a water leak, Wong said. 

A goal of Vancouver's greenest city initiative is to reduce water use by 33 per cent. 

Source: Vancouver Sun | May 5, 2016

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City of Cranbrook welcomes the 2016 Water Smart Ambassador cranbrook

The City of Cranbrook's annual Water Conservation education initiative will see a new face at the helm this summer. Cranbrook is pleased to announce the addition of Thea Rodgers as the official 2016 Water Smart Ambassador for Cranbrook through into late August.

"I'm excited to work with the City of Cranbrook over the next few months as an ambassador for water conservation education," says Thea Rodgers, 2016 Water Ambassador. "Water is an incredibly important resource, especially in the summer months as the days get warmer and drier and we begin adjusting our outdoor water use habits to reflect these changes. I'm really looking forward to contributing to our City's sustainable water management, getting to know many community members face-to-face and sharing information with the public about wise water use this summer."

The addition of the Water Smart Ambassador to the City's overall water conservation education program is a tool made available by the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) Water Smart initiative. To date, the City has seen an overall reduction in water use of 13% since 2009.

Source: The City of Cranbrook | May 2, 2016

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