"New Look" for Cross Connection Control Membership Cards

In 2010, BC Water & Waste Association (BCWWA) embarked on a new branding process for the entire organization.  This branding was to ensure a similar look and feel for the whole organization regardless of activity. To maintain consistency with our brand identity, BCWWA has redesigned the cross connection control (CCC) membership cards.

Beginning Spring 2012, BCWWA will implement new and different cards for CCC Testers and Administrators. Unlike the current card, the new cards will have their own separate design. Each card will have a white background and contain the BCWWA logo with a distinctly labeled and coloured left-side banner indicating the type of membership. The CCC Tester card will have a black left-side banner and colored text and the CCC Administrator card will have a blue left-side banner. Below you will find a sample of the new cards.

Front Back
New CCC Tester Card (Front) New CCC Tester Card (Back)
Front Back
New CCC Administrator Card (Front) New CCC Administrator Card (Back)

Also starting Spring 2012, BCWWA will no longer have an Associate Member category for the CCC Program. This category of membership has historically been used to identify those BCWWA members primarily interested in CCC matters and so we are able to provide them specific CCC related information. We are now able to differentiate specific areas of interest for every member within our database and no longer need to differentiate by having a separate member category.

At the next renewal opportunity, current CCC Associate Members who wish to renew will be renewed as a BCWWA member, provided with a new membership number and receive a general BCWWA member card. When renewing, please do indicate on the membership renewal form all your areas of interest so we are able to provide you with information on those specific areas.  Please see below a sample of the new BCWWA member card.

Front Back
New BCWWA Member Card (Front) New BCWWA Member Card (Back)

The benefits of BCWWA membership include:

  • Access to a wealth of resources, events and connections;
  • Receiving preferred pricing on conference and seminar fees, technical lectures and operator training courses;
  • Receiving the quarterly Watermark Magazine and monthly E-newsletter; and
  • Having a listing in the annual BCWWA Membership & Buyers’ Guide.

For a full list of BCWWA member benefits, please visit Member Benefits on the BCWWA website.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact David Icharia by phone at 604-630-0093 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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