Coaching for Small Water Systems

Small water systems who participated in the Taking Care of Your Water System workshop  may apply to receive 8 hours of coaching based on the areas of need/priority that they have each identified as part of the Self-Assessment of Current Capacity. BCWWA is focused on long term challenges related to sustainability of their water system and capacity building of the individuals who are making financial and managerial decisions i.e. directors/trustees.  Coaching will not focus on trouble shooting or repairing specific equipment, nor will the coach will not come in and fix the problem or provide a report. The coach will guide skill development so that the individuals making decisions for their water system are better able to respond to similar challenges in the future or create building blocks i.e. documentation/plans that will allow their system to develop resilience.

Role of Coach (Associated Engineering):

  1. Guide the process of sharing skills and knowledge to participants to learn and gain proficiency in a specific skill, task or area knowledge related to building financial and managerial capacity
  2. Facilitate growth in knowledge, capacity, and ease in taking action to address the identified challenge
  3. Provide support and encouragement, expertise and resources, and feedback for progress and improvement

Role of Coachee (Your role with the involvement and support of your Council):

  1. Have a sincere interest in participating and open to feedback and new information
  2. Complete or make progress in meeting the agreed up on goals or work
  3. Make decisions and take action that is best suited to the needs of their water system and community

Application Process:

Please complete the following 3 forms (see attached):

  1. Request for Coaching
  2. Self-Assessment of Current Capacity
  3. Action Plan

BCWWA and Associated Engineering will review forms to ensure “best fit”, determine opportunities for group coaching, and then, contact Water Systems, request additional information (where required), and communicate next steps.

Application Review and Assessment Process (BCWWA and Associated Engineering):

1. Initial Screening: Review what they have requested vs is this what they should be doing?
Conduct an initial phone call to clarify needs, review and gather more information about their current processes and documentation

  • Acknowledge request and provide overview of screening and coaching process
  • Confirm understanding of coaching vs consulting
  • Review information provided, characteristics of water system, and rationale of request
  • Confirm key areas of need/stress

2. Identify Common Needs: Determine if there is a possibility of group coaching where small systems have common challenges. There may be an opportunity for a number of small systems to work together and pool coaching time. This may allow more systems to work with the coach for a longer period of time, make greater progress, and develop strong relationships with others in similar roles who they can remain in contact with and access on-going support.

3. Schedule and conduct an on-site visit and follow up session

  1. Site Visit, Source-To-Tap Screening Tool, Discussion, Questions & Answers
  2. Technical Expert Review of Capacity Assessment to compare to Self-Assessment completed by SWS
  3. Share resources & provide recommendations

4. Evaluation

  1. Survey Water Systems about their experience and effectiveness of coaching & program
  2. Create report to review coaching goals and outcomes

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