BCWWA announces new organizational Code of Conduct

At the BCWWA, we feel it is important to foster an environment where everyone feels safe and included. Our Board and staff are committed to the continuing pursuit of making positive changes to ensure that our events are places where any attendee feels included and welcome.


In 2018, the BCWWA formed a Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, with a mandate to provide recommendations on BC Water & Waste Association (BCWWA) policies and practices that will enable diversity and inclusion. One of the first actions of this Task Force was to create a Code of Conduct. This document provides a guideline that promotes equality, fosters an inclusive, trustworthy and respectful environment and is rooted in being supportive and accountable.


In May this year, the BCWWA approved the BCWWA Code of Conduct. This document will be the basis for behaviour guidelines for all BCWWA events and activities.