New Public Consultations on Drinking Water Guidelines

Health Canada has opened public consultation on three guidance documents for drinking water in Canada. The BCWWA is currently reviewing these documents and welcomes member input on the responses.


The BCWWA regularly responds to policy and regulatory updates on behalf of its members. The Association's Drinking Water Technical Advisory Committee is currently reviewing the three consultations underway:


1. Total coliforms in drinking water


2. Natural organic matter in drinking water


3. Cadmium in drinking water


All three consultation periods close May 21, 2019.


About public consultations

The public consultations are intended for scientific or technical audiences who focus on drinking water, including:

  • regulatory agencies
  • academic communities
  • health protection agencies
  • public drinking water utilities, such as drinking water treatment plants


If you are interested in providing comments for consideration in any or all of the three BCWWA responses to the guidelines under review, please send your comments to Ally Trott, Member Engagement Coordinator, at by April 26, 2019. In addition to providing input to the BCWWA, we also recommend providing your comments directly to the Water and Air Quality Bureau at Health Canada via email at