2018 Operator Challenge results

It was a beautiful bright Penticton day on May 13, 2018. The teams were ready.


Capital Regional District (CRD) were poised to compete against Metro Vancouver’s “Can’t Flush This” and “Cross Connections” and the Okanagan’s combined force, “Fecal Agitators”. Throughout the day, four events would take place to determine the 2018 Operator Challenge champion.


The Operator Challenge events were designed with four specialties in mind. The Hot Tap event simulates the installation of a service connection onto a live water main; the Collection Pipe event simulates connecting a 4-inch PVC lateral sewer to an existing 8-inch PVC sewer pipe; the Wastewater Treatment Plant Simulator challenged the teams to adjust process issues. After all the teams finished cycling through their hands-on events, they completed the final event together: the “Test the Waters” Trivia Challenge. This not only had the teams competing, but spectators as well. Questions from all four specialties challenged the teams.


In the end, Metro Vancouver's team Cross Connections won the day. Congratulations to Ben Lytwyn, Shane Burr and Brian Christensen!


The Operator Challenge would not be possible without the support of many. Thank you to Metro Vancouver, the City of Penticton, ROMAC, iPex, and MTS for supplying the equipment for the events.


Special thanks to Hydromantis for making the Wastewater Plant Simulator event possible. Not only did they supply the software, but they also provided a tutorial and practice site to help the teams prepare. This event is also part of the WEF Operator Challenge at WEFTEC.


Finally, we would also like to thank all of our volunteers who, along with Don Degan, worked hard to bring the event together. Special thanks to Randy Craig, Jenna Sawri, Shawn Sanders, and Peter Turgoose for their efforts.


The Operator Challenge will return to the BCWWA Annual Conference & Trade Show in Victoria in 2019. Fancy taking home the trophy? Start pulling your team together now!