Call for Watermark articles: Winter 2018

Write for Watermark magazine! We're looking for articles for our Winter Issue, 'Green Opportunities'. 


With the growing conversation around climate change, many organizations are incorporating a strong sustainability mandate into their planning and operations to help reduce their impact on the planet. While focus on environmental sustainability can sometimes feel like an additional constraint, there can also be a number of opportunities that arise from a "green" approach. What new products can be derived from waste materials? Are there cost savings to be gained from water conservation? What potential lies in water reuse? How can conservation programs be used to engage customers in other areas? How can natural assets be used to reduce infrastructure costs and increase the security of a community's water supply?


We are seeking articles for the winter issue of Watermark that examine the opportunities and innovation in the water and wastewater sector that is being sparked by a new focus on environmental sustainability.


Article submissions are due October 22, 2018.


Please refer to the author guidelines for guidance on your submission.


Questions and submissions can be directed to Watermark Staff Editor, Matt Gilbert, at or 604-630-5348. 




Spring 2019

Theme: The Rise of Water

Submission deadline: February 15, 2019

Mail delivery: April 19, 2019


Summer 2019

Theme: Educating Water Users

Submission deadline: June 7, 2019

Mail delivery: August 2, 2019


Fall 2019

Theme: Water Sector Workforce

Submission deadline: August 9, 2019

Mail delivery: October 4, 2019


Winter 2019

Theme: Risk & Resilience

Submission deadlines: October 18, 2019

Mail delivery: December 13, 2019