City of Castlegar wins 2018 Best of the Best

The City of Castlegar, located in the West Kootenay region, has a population of around 8,000 people, bountiful natural wildlife and, as of May 15th, the best tasting tap water in all of BC.


That is, according to this year’s judges (dubbed “aqualiers”) at the BCWWA Tap Water Taste Test at the 46th Annual Conference & Trade Show in Penticton. The water was judged based on the five criteria, including: aroma, taste, mouth-feel, aftertaste and overall impression.  


Given the seriousness of the event, judges cleansed their palettes with crackers and distilled water in true sommelier form as not to distract from each waters’ unique qualities. Similarly, there was some trash talking from the spectators as the competition went on – but all in good faith. 


Other participating municipalities included defending champions Village of Zeballos, as well as the nearby City of Kelowna and nine others. 


Judges included: Robert Haller, Executive Director, Canadian Water and Wastewater Association, Alan Forrest, Vice-President, American Water Works Association, and Claus Homann, Board Trustee, Water Environment Federation.