2018 Service Award winners

Congratulations to the organizations and individuals that were awarded for their service and contribution at the BCWWA Annual Conference & Trade Show Awards Lunch on May 15, 2018, in Penticton, BC.


Service Award: Outstanding Contribution to the BCWWA – Stanley S. Copp Award

Recognizing outstanding and continued service to the BCWWA


Jennifer Crosby

Metro Vancouver


A long-term member and volunteer with the BCWWA, Jennifer previously served as President of the BCWWA Board of Directors in 2013-14 and is currently the Water Environment Federation (WEF) Delegate.


Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering from McGill University and is a registered Professional Engineer. Jennifer has been working in the public water utility sector for 20 years and is currently a Program Manager in Liquid Waste Services at Metro Vancouver. She has been involved in the management of several large drinking water treatment facilities in the Vancouver region and is now responsible for utility-wide management systems.


We recognize Jennifer for her enduring commitment to the BCWWA and the water sector in BC.


“Jennifer has been a tremendous source of support for the BCWWA over many years. Through her position at Metro Vancouver and her current duties with WEF, she has fostered countless relationships between individuals and organizations and the BCWWA. Her ability to build mutually-beneficial relationships has helped our Association, and others, achieve its goals and provide enhanced support and services to water professionals.”

Carlie Hucul, CEO, BCWWA

Service Award: Outstanding Contribution to the BCWWA – Young Professional Award

Recognizing outstanding and continued service to the BCWWA


Shona Robinson

Kerr Wood Leidal


Shona Robinson is a junior engineer at Kerr Wood Leidal where she works on a variety of innovative projects. She is the co-chair of the BCWWA Young Professional Committee and remains very involved with the UBC BCWWA Student Chapter, keen to share her enthusiasm for the water sector with students.


Shona was born in Vancouver, has a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Queen's University, and a Master’s in environmental chemistry from the University of Toronto. In May 2018 Shona completed her PhD in Environmental Systems Engineering group at UBC Vancouver. Her PhD focused on ageing of membranes used in drinking water treatment, bridging the gap between lab-based research and full-scale membrane operation.


We recognize Shona for sharing her enthusiasm for the water sector with her peers and connecting them with the BCWWA.


“Shona has contributed significantly to the BCWWA as a member of the YP Committee and UBC Student Chapter

since 2013. I know Shona will continue to positively impact the water sector in BC through her new role with Kerr Wood Leidal and as the YP Committee Co-Chair.”

Paul Young, Associated Engineering

Service Award: Outstanding Contribution to the BCWWA – Organization Award

Recognizing significant corporate or collective contribution to the success of the BCWWA


Capital Regional District


The Capital Regional District (CRD) is the regional government for 13 municipalities and three electoral areas on Southern Vancouver Island and the nearby Gulf Islands, serving more than 383,000 citizens. The CRD operates 22 regional, sub-regional and local water and wastewater utilities across the region, the largest of which is the Regional Water Supply Service, providing drinking water for the Greater Victoria area. To deliver these services, the CRD employs over 70 certified utility operators and many other water and wastewater professionals in their Watershed Protection, Engineering and Water Quality Divisions.


We recognize the CRD’s continued support of the BCWWA’s mission to safeguard public health and the environment, through significant membership in the Association and volunteer support to numerous BCWWA initiatives, activities, committees and publications.


“The staff at the CRD are active participants in our technical advisory committees, and over the past two years have taken a leadership role in developing new professional development opportunities for individuals specializing in the area of source control. My appreciation to the CRD for the significant support they’ve provided to the BCWWA and other systems across the region in need of assistance or advice.”

Carlie Hucul, CEO, BCWWA