Education Program

In addition to the Trade Show and other interactive events, the 2018 Annual Conference features two full days of educational presentations from subject matter experts in all areas of the water and wastewater sector.

Conference Theme 

Water and wastewater professionals face an ever-increasing number of concerns that affect their ability to deliver safe and reliable water services. Internal factors such as aging infrastructure, limited budgets, and workforce retirements create increased stress and demands on systems. External factors such as increasing populations, adverse events (flood, fire, earthquake, drought), climate change, security threats, and provincial and federal policy decisions all directly contribute to stress and demand as well.

With these risks come the opportunity to find more effective and innovative solutions. These may come from sharing of best practices, or stepping outside the box entirely. What does the future utility look like? How can we accommodate the growing needs of a community? What can we do to move towards a more resilient future state?

The 2018 BCWWA Annual Conference & Trade Show is focused on Preparing for the Future of Water. This theme addresses both the concerns and risks going into the future as well as the optimism and innovation that ensures the long-term success of the industry.


Schedule subject to change.

Visit the Schedule of Events for a full listing of activities.

Monday May 14, Morning - Penticton Trade & Convention Centre 


Opening Session Breakfast
Room: Arena (South Okanagan Event Centre - enter via Penticton Trade & Convention Centre)
7:45 - 9:30am Opening session and Keynote speaker
 Room:  Arena  Room 1 Room 2/3 Room 6/7 Room 5 Room 8
 Stream: Municipal Utility Management   Safety  Small Water Systems Symposium  Wastewater Treatment Operator Hands-on Session Water Quality
Moderator:   Tim Phelan  TBD  Ashifa Dhanani  Miles Yi  TBD Robert Haller 
 9:30 - 10:00am The Future of the Workforce Strategy and System Risk Management Plans - Feature Panel Session
Confined Spaces: WorksafeBC Section 9 Review - Panel Session
Challenges faced by small communities (15 years later)
Gerson Nevia, 
Ladysmith water treatment upgrade: Caring for the present - planning for the future
Seamus Frain, WSP

Nozzle knowledge and line flushing  Troy Whitton, Vima Equipment


Local government's role in ensuring clean drinking water 
Lori Berndt, 
Auditor General for Local Government
10:00 - 10:30am Case study evaluation of the governance, technological and regulatory processes to implement point-of-entry drinking water
Candace Cook, 
Design of a centrate treatment facility for a large BNR WWTP
Barry Rabinowitz, 
10:30 - 11:00am Aurora Estates - small water system SCADA success story
Zane Spencer, 
MPE Engineering Ltd.
Emerging sustainable wastewater sludge management innovations for energy and value recovery
Eustina Musvoto, 
TruSense Consulting Services
Leveraging the commercial sectors: Partnering for a sustainable future
Jill Doucette,
Synergy Enerprises
Trade Show Lunch      

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Monday, May 14, Afternoon - Lakeside Resort & Conference Centre 


Room: Salon A Salon B

Salon C

Salon D


Zinfandel Chardonnay
Stream: Small Water Systems Symposium Municipal Utility Management

Water Quality

Infrastructure Renewal

Adverse Events

Operator Session Operator Session
Moderator:  Freda Leong Timothy Phelan  Kalpna Solanki Chris Howorth  Robert Haller  TBD  TBD
1:45 - 2:15pm Emergency response planning for small water systems
Chris Russell,
Interior Health Authority


Shape the future of the Workforce Strategy and System Risk Management plans - Special Feedback Session

To pilot or not to pilot: The case of Ladysmith, BC. 
Kieth Kohut, 
Associated Engineering
Let's be smart about assessing our infrastructure
Doug Manarin, 
Climate change and stormwater mangement: Legal risks and responsibilities
Adrienne Atherton,
Civil Legal LLP
Navigating WorksafeBC regulations  Kelly Kaye, Northwest Safework Solutions


Water Treatment: Organic removal theory, optimizing and monitoring tools  Mark Carey, Waterhouse Environmental Services Corp.
2:15 - 2:45pm Exercising water storage to get optimal benefits
Rich McCleary,
BC Ministry of Forests
Comox Lake water treatment - piloting treatment for the future
Megan Wood, 
Extreme makeover - lift station edition
Michael Thiessen,
EcElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.
Climate change - keep it simple
Glen Zachary, 
Urban Systems
2:45 - 3:15pm Online help centre for BC small water systems
Satwinder Paul,
Thompson Rivers University 
Pilot scale investigation of arsenic and maganese removal from groundwater in the City of White Rock
Adel Haji Malayeri
Squamish WWTP automation upgrade - breathing new life into aging infrastructure
Zane Spencer
MPE Engineering Ltd.
Flooding, drought and wetlands
Carrie Nadeau, 
Associated Environmental Consulting Inc.
Coffee Break
Room: Salon A Salon B Salon C Salon D  Cabernet Zinfandel Chardonnay
Stream: Small Water Systems Symposium Wastewater Treatment
Water Quality Municipal Utility Management Operator Session Adverse Events Operator Session
Moderator:  Freda Leong  Sean Trainor Mark Burger  Mike Homenuke TBD  Alan Bronso  TBD
3:30 - 4:00pm

Operations and engineering: working together to solve water treatment issues
Robyn Sherstobitoff, 
Associated Engineering

Advanced tertiary filtration helps protect Canada’s (arguably) most beautiful national park
Chris Howorth,

5500 Campylobacter cases and 4 deaths. How are the events at Havelock North are changing the NZ drinking-water industry.
Jim Graham,
Water New Zealand

Getting prepared for infrastructure grants
Brian Bedford,
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
On-site sodium hypochlorite generation for water disinfection  Paul Wessel, Corix Drought and flood planning in the Okanagan region of B.C.
Drew Lejbak,
Associated Environmental Consultants
Selection and operation of water valves              Dave Berton, AWC Solutions
4:00 - 4:30pm

Small Water Users Association - A legacy for BC
Denny Ross-Smith

Design considerations for efficient secondary treatment using a MBBR-DAF Combination
Simon Vincent,
Pipes, preservatives and pathogens: Disinfection residual maintenance in distribution systems and alternative practices
Laith Furatian
Doing more with less: Lessons learned in hydraulic modeling and capacity analyses of the District of Mission water distribution system
Werner de Scaetzen

Overview of the RainCity strategy - Vancouver's green infrastructure based rainwater management initiative
Jesse Neufeld,
City of Vancouver
4:30 - 5:00pm

Small water systems panel session - A fireside chat with the health authorities

Anaerobic digestion and struvite in the Okanagan Valley
Marco Abel-Denee,
Risk-Based municipal master planning
Peter Hutchins,
Integrated flood management in an urban setting – lessons learned
Andrew Kolper,
Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd.


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 Tuesday, May 15, Morning - Lakeside Resort & Conference Centre 


 Room:  Salon A Salon B   Salon C  Salon D Merlot   Zinfandel  
 Stream:  Wastewater Treatment Municipal Utility Management  Water Distribution  Small Systems  Water Sustainability SCADA and Technology 
Moderator:    Brian Bedford  Scott Shepherd Keith Sveinson  Jonathan Lowe   Kalpna Solanki Andrew Townend 
 7:30 - 8:00am Promoting compliance with the municipal wastewater regulation
Jason Bourgeois,
BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
The path to water and wastewater innovation
Andrei Cvaci,
Colliers Project Leaders
Applying industry 4.0 concepts to water distribution systems
Jim Yargeau

Pilot-scale testing of passive membrane filtration systems for drinking water treatment in small and remote communities
Rajat Jain, 
The University of British Columbia

Use of groundwater for emergency water supply
Jillian Sacré,
Golder Associates Ltd.

SCADA and communications system preventative maintenance & diagnostic assessment
Tom Dunn, 

8:00 - 8:30am  Planning for the future of wastewater treatment in Tofino, BC
Aline Bennett,
Measuring the resilience of Canadian water systems
Rebecca Dziedzic,

Expose performance issues through water system model calibration
Semyon Chaymann,
Removing the water quality advisory for the Glenmore-Ellison improvement district
Brett DeWynter,
Water well blowout near Vernon that made headlines in 1965 successfully plugged 50 years later.
Nick Sargent,
Flywheel uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems for municipal facilities
David Kelly,
8:30 - 9:00am  Winning the war on wipes
Tim Miller,
JWC Environmental
Zero-discharge designed community 
Leigh Chmilar,
Urban Systems Ltd.
Using hydraulic modeling to validate your unidirectional flushing program – a case study with the City of Coquitlam, BC
Werner De Schaetzen,
GeoAdvice Engineering Inc.
Report on the needs of water and wastewater utilities in the Yukon    Michel Dureau, Yukon College Revised hydrostatigraphy of the North Okanagan region. Aquifier characterization in support of the BC Water Sustainability Act.
Martin Stewart,
Piteau Associates Ltd.
Paperless workflows: Optimizing business processes for a digital world
Sean Bouchard
ICI Electrical Engineering
Coffee Break 
Room: Salon A Salon B Salon C Salon D Merlot Zinfandel Chardonnay
Stream: Wastewater Treatment Municipal Utility Management Water Distribution Water Quality Water Sustainability Decentralized Wastewater Safety & Technology
Moderator:  Eugene Lee  Brett DeWynter  Padraig Harrington  David Hambley Doug Geller  Rick Johnson  John Templeton
9:15 - 9:45am Saving alkalinity dosing costs through process modifications: Lessons learnt at south Castlegar sewage treatment plant
Eustina Musvoto,
TruSense Consulting Services

Only the pipes should be hidden: Best practices for pricing and improving municipal water and wastewater services
Jonathan Arnold,
Canada's Ecofiscal Commission

AMI pilot yields significant enhancements in city’s water loss management program - City of Chilliwack advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) pilot project
Brendan Kurtz,
City of Chilliwack

Experience with differential UV spectrophotometry as a potentially low-cost surrogate for disinfection by products.
Caetano Dorea,
University of Victoria
Updates and challenges related to the implementation of the Water Sustainability Act - Panel Session Decentralized wastewater collection and treatment for small communities
Keith Fortenbach,
MVS trench safety awareness
Barry Larson,
9:45 - 10:15am  Dissolved air flotation – a simple retrofit to reduce energy consumption and improve Efficiency
Deirdre Moran,
World Water Works
 Facility classification update: The way forward for utilities
Jenni Green,

 Smiley road water main leak survey case study
Justin Hebner,
Pure Technologies Ltd.

Strategies to Manage Lead at the Tap to Meet the Proposed MAC of 5 ug/L
Quirien Muylwyk,
SepticSmart: Pairing education with incentives in the regional district of Nanaimo
Deanna McGillivray,
Regional District of Nanimo
Reducing cost, staff time and risk with remote shut off meters
Michele Harvey,
Badger Meterr
10:15 - 10:45am  Effects of markedly different biological treatment processes on tertiary filtration for reclaimed water production
Jason Leong, 
Associated Engineering 

Ostrich or eagle: Science and politics in microconstituents
Ehren Lee, 
Urban Systems

Design, installation and performance advances in cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) for pressure applications
George Bontus,
Aegion Corporation

Treatment protocol for cyanotoxins (microcystins specifically) in a lake water source.
Anthony Greville,
Waterhouse Environmental Services Corporation

Onsite sewage success & failure based on groundwater monitoring: Community-wide studies
Michael Payne,
Payne Engineering Geology Ltd.
Do future utilities have confined spaces?
Graham Walker,
Awards Lunch


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Tuesday May 15, Afternoon - Lakeside Resort & Conference Centre 


Room:   Salon A  Salon B Salon C  Merlot Zinfandel  Chardonnay 
Stream:  Wastewater Residuals Municipal Utility Management  Water Distribution  Infrastructure Renewal  Water Quality  Water Sustainability
Moderator:   Trevor Jones  Rebecca Dziedzic Shawn Badasha    Michael Fiorendo  Jaqueline Smith Andrew Kolpner
1:45 - 2:15pm BC's Ministry of Environment requires landfill leachate to be treated - How do you do that?
Chris Howorth,
Delivery methods for successful municipal projects
Michael Nordquist,
Colliers Project Leaders
Regional corrosion study – a proactive approach to maintaining watermain reliability
Karl Muller, 
Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd.
Haslam feedermain replacement - pushing the limits for sliplining renewal
Richard Harper,
Biological ion exchange, a new technology for NOM removal from surface water – The case of Dzit'lain'li First Nations Reserve
Maryam Dezfoolian,
University of British Columbia - RES'EAU Water Net

Aquifier protection planning for the City of White Rock water supply
Zidra Hammond, Advisian

2:15 - 2:45pm 
A new innovative technology for low energy nitrification
Matt Reeve,
Suez Water Technologies and Solutions
Effective risk workshops for project success
Michael Nordquist,
Colliers Project Leaders
Big pipe – challenges, collaboration, and connections
Chris Newcomb,
McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.
Columbia River utility and pedestrian bridge crossing at ity of Trail.
Raymond Chin, 
Membrane gravity filtration - the benefits of membrane filtration with the simplicity of a granular media filter
Simon Breese,

Application of Porter's value chain to predict economic outcomes in the Penticton watershed
Angela Lockrey
2:45 - 3:15pm 

How much does grit cost you?
Kelly Rini,
Hydro International

Risk based collaborative infrastructure planning using PIEVC in City of Surrey
Matthew Osler, 
City of Surrey
Englishman river watermain – collaboration to cross the river
Laura Christensen,
Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd.
  Filtration deferral on Okanagan upland surface water source
Stephen Horsman,
Coffee Break 
Room:  Salon A Salon B 
Merlot  Zinfandel   
Stream:  Wastewater Treatment Community Engagement Infrastructure Renewal Water Quality 
Moderator:  Susan Ewing  Colin Kristianson  Ron Enns  Neil Whiteside
3:30 - 4:00pm Beat ultra-low phosphorus targets with reactive filtration: How Citronelle, Alabama consistently hits 0.02 mg/L
Francis Bordeleau,
From referendum to compliance: Greater Vernon Water's innovative path to drinking water compliance 
Stephen Horsman, 
The application of pipe penetrating radar in asbestos cement water pipes
Csaba Ekes,
SewerVUE Technology

Monitoring bacterial DNA to improve effectiveness of engineered treatment systems
Jessica LeNoble,
Kerr Wood Leidal

4:00 - 4:30pm Designing lagoon-based WWTPs for <1 mg/L ammonia in <1°C water: the case of Sapotaweyak Cree Nation
Francis Bordealeau,

Communicating water knowledge
Alan Shapiro,

Don't disturb the dead: A Victoria trenchless solution
Mike Brady, 

Antwerp Springs incident and response
Renee Clark, 
Regional District of North Okanagan
4:30 - 5:00pm Synthetic water calibration for water quality perameters & water treatment program validation
Lynda Smithard, 
McCue Engineering Contractors
  Wastewater pumps with integrated intelligence
Luc-Rejean Lepine,
Antwerp Springs court case from the water utilities perspective
Zee Marcolin, 
Regional District of North Okanagan


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