The BCWWA is now offering web-based exams for the written component of the backflow assembly tester certification at select training institutions as part of a pilot project.


Online exams are closed-book and will have an invigilator present.  Exams will take place at the test centres of BCWWA-accredited training institutions. The practical component of certification and recertification exams will remain unchanged.





  • Faster Exam Results. Your mark is emailed to you shortly after completing the exam.
  • Mark breakdown. Your mark includes a breakdown of how you did on each exam subject categorization.
  • One question is displayed at a time, making it easier to focus.
  • No bubble-sheet mistakes. You don't have to match the question from the exam booklet with the right line on the bubble sheet.
  • You can flag questions you want to come back to.
  • Enhanced analysis of exam results. This will allow the BCWWA to review everyone's results and respond to any problem questions more quickly.
  • Sample exam questions are available online.
  • Environmentally friendly. Less paper, shipping, and packaging is required.
  • Ability for examinees to provide feedback on specific questions.





To help you become familiar with the features of the online exam system, the BCWWA offers sample exam questions.