Using Hydraulic Modeling to Identify Alternative Water Supply Options during a Planned Supply Main Shutdown – A Case Study with the City of Powell River

Description:Using hydraulic modeling to identify alternative water supply options during a planned supply main shutdown – a case study with the City of Powell River, BC. Presenter: Werner de Schaetzen, P.Eng., Ph. D., GeoAdvice Engineering Inc. Additional Contributors: Andrea McCrea, E.I.T., GeoAdvice Engineering Inc., Port Moody, BC; Jeremy Sagebiel, B.Sc., City of Powell River, Powell River, BC; Frank D’Angio, AScT, City of Powell River, Powell River, BC. The City of Powell River, located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, draws its potable water from Haslam Lake. Replacement of the existing supply main from Haslam Lake is required in the near future, which will isolate the main supply from the City water distribution system. In an effort to determine alternative supply options, GeoAdvice used the City’s most recent calibrated water model to simulate several supply options. Several alternative supply options were identified, centering on Powell Lake, which was formerly used by the City to supply a small area of the City distribution system. Using the City’s water model, GeoAdvice identified the hydraulic challenges posed by each alternative supply option. The infrastructure from Powell Lake was not designed to supply the entire City system; therefore, available flows were limited by the capacities of pumps, pipes, and storage. One of the recommendations made by GeoAdvice included “reversing” the flow direction of one of the City’s pump stations to back feed the main storage reservoir from the new supply. Based on the available flows and storage capacities of the Powell Lake pumping and piping system, GeoAdvice determined the City total demand and the available fire flows that the alternative supply option could provide. This presentation focuses on the methodology and assumptions employed in determining an optimal alternative supply option for the City of Powell River during the Haslam Lake supply main planned shutdown, as well as on how hydraulic models can be effective operational tools to plan a supply shutdown.

Authors: Werner de Schaetzen

Subjects: Asset Management

Tags:AC15,AC15 presentations,2015 BCWWA Annual Conference & Trade Show

Citation:Stream 2: Ensuring Water Quality & Supply

Publication Date:May 29th, 2015 Upload Date:Jun 26th, 2015

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