Co-digestion Programs: Experiences from planning through implementation

Description:Co-digestion programs: Experiences from planning through implementation. Presenter: Christopher Muller, Ph.D., P.E.(WA), Brown and Caldwell. Additional Contributors: Ian McKelvey, PE(WA), Brown and Caldwell, Seattle, WA. Utilities in North America have instituted the co-digestion of organic wastes, such as food waste, fats, oils and grease, to achieve a number of fiscal and environmental goals. Co-digestion can benefit a utility through, increased revenues, carbon emissions reductions, utilization idle capacity, and renewable energy production. The implementation of programs like these can be a real benefit but also can present challenges. These challenges can range from the technical to the logistics of actually implementing a program. Examples include: • Competitive market conditions. • Significant infrastructure requirements. • Under defined process impacts and limits. • End product integrity, biosolids characteristics. • Energy market conditions. • Carbon emissions reduction goals. • Digester process conditions. This presentation will cover the lessons learned from the earliest planning stages through, design and implementation of multiple co-digestion projects across North America. Experiences from projects looking a food waste, FOG and other organic wastes will be presented. As an example, the value of a market study will be discussed, a utility identified through a market study that a co-digestion facility they wanted to construct at their plant would not be utilized by haulers in the region, potentially avoiding a stranded capital investment. Other utilities operating FOG receiving programs have experienced significant grit issues, leading to wear on equipment and deposition in tanks, a consideration for designers and operators alike. The specific challenges faced utilities trying to implement a program will be different, but the lessons learned by others can help avoid some potential pitfalls and provide relevant solutions.

Authors: Christopher Muller

Subjects: Residuals and Biosolids

Tags:2015 Annual Conference,AC15,AC15 presentations,2015 BCWWA Annual Conference & Trade Show

Citation:Stream 3: Resource Recovery

Publication Date:May 28th, 2015 Upload Date:Jun 25th, 2015

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