Wastewater Treatment Technical Tour

Three distinct tours have been organized to enhance the learning opportunities for attendees at the 2015 BCWWA Annual Conference & Trade Show. This tour showcases the City of Kelowna Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Okanagan College Wastewater Heat Recovery process.

Tour Details

Date: Wednesday May 27, 2015
Time:  12:00 - 4:00pm
Location:  Bus departs from The Delta Grand Okanagan Hotel at the North Entrance
Price:  Registration closed
CEUs: 0.2

This tour includes bus transportation to and from the tour sites, and a boxed lunch.

This tour begins at the City of Kelowna Wastewater Treatment Plant, highlighting a facility that is at the forefront of wastewater treatment in its use of an advanced nutrient and carbonaceous removal system. The 2015 BCWWA Student Design Competition team will present their winning design of a resource recovery system for the City of Kelowna’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, focusing on anaerobic digestion of fermented primary sludge and waste secondary sludge to produce biogas.

The treatment facility has evolved from its origins in 1913 to incorporate a biological treatment step based on the bardenpho system, as well as UV disinfection and other technological and environmental advancements. Recent upgrades at the facility have updated process components to the latest technologies and have increased plant capacity from 40 MLD to 70 MLD.

Topics covered include:

  • BNR bio-reactor fine air diffusion in a single pass configuration.
  • Bio-reactor influent control using individual controls valves per bio-reactor.
  • Cloth media final filter operations and cleaning procedures to; extend life expectancy and maintain solids removal.
  • Centrifuge dewatering configurations comparing; direct feed using a combination of sludge’s to sludge storage vault operation.
  • Mechanical bio-filter operation for odor control.
  • Energy saving realization based on upgrade components and facility optimization.

The second part of the tour provides attendees a first-hand look at how Okanagan College is using waste heat from a nearby sewage treatment plant to heat its campus. Infrastructure for heat recovery and distribution was installed at the College along with several other energy efficiency retrofits. These upgrades offset more than 800 tonnes of greenhouse gases annually, equivalent to taking 166 cars off the road.

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