Education Program

Call for presentation abstracts now open - Deadline extended!

We would like to invite interested individuals to submit abstracts. The call for abstracts will close on January 25, 2018.

This year's conference theme is Preparing for the Future of Water.

Water and wastewater professionals face an ever-increasing number of concerns that affect their ability to deliver safe and reliable water services. Internal factors such as aging infrastructure, limited budgets, and workforce retirements create increased stress and demands on systems. External factors such as increasing populations, adverse events (flood, fire, earthquake, drought), climate change, security threats, and provincial and federal policy decisions all directly contribute to stress and demand as well.

With these risks come the opportunity to find more effective and innovative solutions. These may come from sharing of best practices, or stepping outside the box entirely. What does the future utility look like? How can we accommodate the growing needs of a community? What can we do to move towards a more resilient future state?

The 2018 BCWWA Annual Conference & Trade Show is focused on Preparing for the Future of Water. This theme addresses both the concerns and risks going into the future as well as the optimism and innovation that ensures the long-term success of the industry.

Presentation Times

The education sessions will be held at the Lakeside Resort & Conference Centre in Penticton, BC, and are tentatively scheduled between 8:00am and 5:00pm on Monday, May 14 and Tuesday May 15, 2018. Presenters should be available to present on either of those days.

Presentation Types

There are different types of formats of presentations that are scheduled into the program. The Call for Abstracts form will give you the opportunity to choose one or more options for your submission.

  • General Education Sessions - Most education sessions are 30 minutes long (20 minute presentation/QA), although depending on programming, there may be opportunity for 60 minute sessions (50 minute presentation/QA).

  • PechaKucha is a 20 slide presentation that automatically changes slides every 20 seconds The presentation is short and snappy and set up extremely valuable Q/A afterwards. These are often grouped into panel discussions.

  • Poster Presentations provide an opportunity for information to be presented on a 6'x8' board throughout the conference, with an opportunity for delegates to learn more from the presenter at a specific time in the conference.

Specialty Symposiums

The BCWWA Annual Conference provides opportunity for specialty sessions

  • Small Water Systems Symposium - The small water systems working group is developing the day for the symposium.

  • Operator Symposium - These presentations are designed specifically for operators and focus on practical, operations-focused topics

If you are interested in presenting at these specialty symposiums please indicate in the Call for Abstracts form, or if you would like to propose a different one, please contact Marian Hands at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 604 630-0093.

Technology Showcase

Each year the Annual Conference Trade Show has a stage that is used to provide exhibitors with the opportunity to present new technology and information to attendees. The call for abstracts for the Technology Showcase will occur in January.

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